Provisional Schedule

(Subject to Weather and Any Repairs that need to be done along the way – Sailing Plans are Written in Low Tide in the Sand)

  • Bonaire

    16 December to 10 January

    Dee and Steve (No cabins available)

  • Curacao

    10 January to 16 January

    Dee, Steve and Nick

  • Curacao to Cartagena

    16 January to 30 January

    Dee, Steve, Alsino and Nick

  • Cartagena to Panama (via Bocas Del Toras and Lift-out at Linton Bay)

    31 January to 26 February

    Dee, Steve, Alsino and Nick

  • Shelter Bay and Panama Canal Transit

    27 February to 5 March

    Dee, Steve, Alsino, Joe, Barb and Nick

  • Panama to Galapagos (via Las Perlas Islands)

    5 March to 15 March

    Dee, Steve, Joe, Barb and one more crew

  • Galapagos

    16 March to 15 April

    Dee, Steve, Joe & Barb plus on more crew for first 10 days

    Dee and Steve for the middle 10 days

    Dee, Steve, plus new crew for last 10 days

  • Galapagos to Marqueses

    16 April to 15 May (23 day sail)

    Steve, + 4 more crew required (have Ian and Ann, Ken and Jenny, Nick and Pete and Penny all interested). .