Voila’s Boat Policies

  • Even though we don’t charter Voila, it’s important for friends and family to understand a few things before hopping on board, as this is a slightly different holiday than you are used to.
  • The object of being aboard Voila is to have fun whilst being safe.
  • Everyone on board for more than a day is to read these policies and agree to follow them by sending an email to the skipper or the admiral.
  • Everyone on board needs to make the Skipper aware if they suffer from any illnesses or conditions that may be problematic including but not limited to:
    • Heart or respiratory Conditions
    • Sea Sickness
    • Fits of any types
    • Black outs
    • Dizzy spells
    • Asthma
    • Epilepsy
    • Diabetes
    • Allergies to Penicillin, Aspirin or anything else
    • Other (please provide adequate information)
      (Note that the Skipper will keep this information strictly confidential)
  • Likewise, everyone on board needs to make the skipper aware of all prescribed medicines they are taking. This is important in case we have any medical emergencies far away from any help.
  • Everyone is to wear a PFD when outside at night at sea.
  • If you are unsure about anything at all, you must consult the skipper. What may seem trivial may turn out to be something significant. There is no such thing as a silly question.
  • When passage making, alcohol is not to be consumed until the anchor is down, or we are safely attached to a mooring or marina berth.
  • No illegal drugs are to be brought onboard Voila. You don’t want to be the person that causes our boat to be confiscated – it does happen!.
  • Store all your personal belongings in your own room when you are not using them.
  • Smoking is not allowed on Voila or its tender.
  • When allocated a watch, you must keep a good look-out at least once every 5 minutes (360 degree scan plus look at rigging and sails from the safety of the cockpit). You must wake the skipper if conditions change significantly or if you are unsure of something you have seen or are experiencing. Nobody gets into trouble for waking the skipper.
  • When at sea, nobody leaves the cockpit or the  steering wheel without letting someone else know where they are going. At night, nobody leaves the cockpit or steering wheel unless it is absolutely necessary and we need two other people on deck before someone clips on and goes forward.
  • Nothing goes in the toilets except what comes naturally out of your body together with a small amount of toilet paper. Each cabin has its own toilet, which you are responsible for. If you block the toilet you are responsible for clearing it.
  • If you get sick whilst at sea please throw up into a bucket – do not throw up over the rails as you may fall in.
  • Boat showers are the order of the day. If unsure, please ask what a “boat shower” is.
  • Please make every effort to conserve both fresh water and electricity. Both take energy to produce.
  • Please try to keep salt water out of the boat. Briefly shower and wash feet whenever you are going from the ocean to the inside of the boat.
  • Bare feet are the order of the day. Please take your shoes off when you get on the boat. If you need to wear shoes then bring a soft soled pair that doesn’t make marks and do not wear these ashore – only on the boat.
  • Everyone is expected to equally help out with the day-to-day chores – cooking, cleaning, repairs and sailing tasks. It’s not that sort of holiday!!
  • The cost of food and drinks, fuel, any marina berths and cruising permits is to be shared equally amongst everyone on board. Dee and Steve will pick up all other costs. We use the Tricount app to manage this so you will need to install on your phone. This stores receipts of all purchases, and gives you a running total of your share.
  • Put things back in the exact same spot you found them. If you think there is somewhere better to put something then discuss it with the skipper.
  • Everyone on board should consider the risks involved in sailing and understand and agree that their participation is totally at their own risk and responsibility.  You must make your own arrangements with regards to satisfactory travel insurance that includes sailing away from land and for any medical evacuations should they be necessary. Satisfactory Travel insurance is mandatory, which includes offshore sailing, before coming on board.
  • Everyone on board must email the skipper saying that they agree to abide by these Boat Policies and providing him with ICE (In Case of Emergency) details, including:
    • Emergency contacts and their phone numbers and email addresses,
    • Passport details,
    • Travel insurance details (company, policy # and phone numbers)
    • Return flight and/or ferry details
  • Please leave your room as you found it. We will gladly point you at the cleaning equipment. Sheets and towels need to be washed. If it is not possible in the time frames, leave us some coin and we will take them to a laundry.

6 thoughts on “Voila’s Boat Policies

  1. That all sounds very reasonable to us..I need to find out where to purchase insurance. We have no medical problems.what is the best thing for motion sickness for the 2 weeks? I have never tried the patch.I usually take something like Dramamine as a precautionary measure.

  2. Thanks. Richard and I have both read La Mischief’s Boat Policies.

    Upon boarding we will supply Steve with a printed list of prescribed medications , any allergies and our Allianz Travel Insurance infor.

    Look forward to seeing you both next week.

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