Sand Between our Toes on the Beaches of Naxos

The thing about Naxos is that the longer you stay, the more it grows on you. It’s the largest island of the Cylades and is the most fertile so lots of local produce.

We sailed past the marble arch on Nisos Apollonas and then rocked up to the small private marina in Naxos harbour and luckily found a berth. It’s a lot smaller than I remembered it, so it pays to get there early.

Deanne was keen to find a plate breaking Greek dancing restaurant and we hit gold in Naxos. They even poured a bit of fuel on the (concrete) floor and started dancing around that. We were very impressed.

The rest of our time in Naxos was spent wandering the small streets of the old city, especially beautiful at night with all the small shops and bars lit up, swimming at a couple of delightful beaches close to town, and sunset cocktails on Agia Anna, a beautiful sandy beach at the south end of town that’s not to be missed. It’s a tough life. Mt Zeus at 1000m is also the tallest peak in the Cyclades making a spectacular backdrop to our stay in the Hora.

In between we did a few boat jobs just to make sure we didn’t get too lazy. We also took on diesel from a truck that backed onto the pier – lot easier than going to a separate fuel jetty – although the downside is that you can’t use a credit card.

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