A Night of Bad Singing … and Al Gets Right into FaceTube

There’s something about that Ooroo mob – they tend to be dangerous to hang around.

We arrived at Cascais and promptly got a berth in the very expensive but very nice and well run marina right next to them.

This time they were equipped with a guitar and some more guests in Alison, Casey and Owen, meaning Al and I were completely outnumbered – what hope had we got.  We hadn’t seen Ooroo since A Coruna so there was a bit of mischief to catch up on.

Su turned out to be a pretty good guitarist and I turned out pretty much the same as I’ve always been at singing – four letters starting with C – you know the rest. But still it didn’t stop me trying – and with the help of lots of marina supplied red wine (They give you a bottle of very passable red when you check in), I convinced myself that I was up there with Frank.

With one iPad displaying the chords for Su and another one with the lyrics on for the rest of us, we ploughed thru some of our favorite songs, even managing to successfully avoid “Big Red Tractor”.

It was a great night of Mischief and Ooroo-ness;  but please note that we’ve had to apply the 7pm rule and posted no photos what so ever, despite Al (the social media Luddite) threatening to publish his very embarrassing videos on FACETUBE!!!!

All that did was make us laugh even harder.

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