Is It Blue or is it Green – Who Cares?

1294284_10200327935953932_1922412518_oWith the weather fining up, it was time to find a nice swimming spot.

We’d seen a poster of a very nice looking lagoon (sea scape, not catamaran) and after a bit of an ask around we found out Blue Lagoon was situated on the SE corner of Veli Drvenik.

So off we went and 2 hours later we were anchored over clear sand in 2m of water. The water was more green than blue, probably turquoise is the best description, and it was crystal clear. The lagoon was framed by a couple of small islands and the main island itself and this made for a reasonably big anchorage. We had about 20 boats in there at times but we still didn’t feel crowded.

Out came the stand up and the kayak and we had a great day swimming and paddling.

That night it blew up a bit and we had a surprisingly rolly night before waking up early as it was a long sail to Korcula.

For photos of the blue Lagoon please see

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