One Side of Greece to the Other

Having popped out the other side of the canal, it was like being in a different Greece.

We immediately pulled the genneker up and sailed down the Eastern Peloponnisos towards our anchorage for the night at the SW tip of Angistri, looking across a narrow channel towards Nisis Dhoroussa. The weather had improved and we had one of those delightful afternoon sails under a bright sunny sky. We got there about 5pm and found a spot amongst a group of other yachts and power boats. We dropped our anchor in a lovely small bay and Anthony swam a line ashore so we could go stern to.

The water was soooo clear and a swim was the first order of the day.

It turned out to be a very entertaining bay as the next morning we were treated to a screaming match aboard a yacht sans mast, two boats down. The dog on board was not impressed, it retreated right to the very back of the boat. It eventually ended with the lady of the boat disappearing down below, with her parter soon pulling up anchor and leaving, no doubt to drop her off somewhere close by.

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