Off and Running for 2014

As the Flight of the Concords would say “It’s (Business) Blog Time” and now that I’ve landed back in Turkey its time to dust off the blog and fire away with the 2014 edition of Steve’s Excellent Mediterranean Adventure. And like every new adventure of the sailing variety, there’s the obligatory long flight, which lands at some stupid time in the morning – aka 6am in this particular case. Anthony and Denise arrived at pretty much the same stupid time the following morning and once met at the airport we all just managed to squeeze our luggage (mainly mine) into the back of our rental SUV. Then it was off to Gallipoli, our first stop on our short land based Tour De Turkey. The drive out was considerably aided by it being a Sunday along with the rental GPS which meant we only went round in the same circle the once. The rest of the drive was shared by the 3 of us, which made it bearable with our jetlagged brains. The weather wasn’t the best but we did manage to get in quite a bit of Gallipoli including the Turkish cemetery, a British one and of course Anzac Cove. We were pretty well  when we pulled up outside the Grand Eceabat Hotel for the night, which was short for The Not So Grand Eceabat Hotel. Still the Efes Beer tasted pretty good to me. 🙂 Image Image DSC_0167

One thought on “Off and Running for 2014

  1. Hi Steve,
    I bet it feels great to be back in the sun.
    Only about 6 degrees here in Collie today at work.
    Hope all goes smoothly getting La Mischief ready for relaunch.
    Cheers. Chucky

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