Happy Hour

wpid-wp-1404739797594.jpegAs we drew closer to Kemer, we marveled (is that the word) at the touristy aspects that were everywhere. The pretend pirate ships intermixed with the paragliders pulled along by the ugliest speed boa
ts you are ever likely to see. Then hotel after beach front hotel with take a number deck chairs lining the beach front.

We’d heard various reports about Kemer, a Russian tourist mecca, and so we were fully prepared for ultra tacky. As always, its wasn’t like that and we were pleasantly surprised.

But what was really good was the marina crowd. Albeit they were all packing up and going home but Mike and Corrine from Switzerland made us feel really welcome and invited us to Happy Hour, where we met the rest of the United Nations of Cruising – South Africa, UK, Germany, Wales, Belgium and a Turkish Dentist – they all kept me entertained during my 3 day visit.

It was here I said goodbye to Jo, who was off to the UK and then onto the Tour de France. We’d had a great time together, seen some sights and made some miles, so it was sad to see her go. I suppose that’s the nature of cruising – you meet great people, you become friends in no time at all and then you say your goodbyes. Then one day, you see them again on the water and you are best friends again.

My first chore was to get the mainsail batten cars fixed and so off I wandered to the Technical Department. A guy came and had a look and then his boss came back with a quote for 323 Euro, for what mounted to 2-3 hours work. I said I’d pay for 2 hours – he said he’s not a factory and he’s providing a “service” which will take a day. We agreed to disagree and so no mainsail until Fineke. I’d heard rumours about getting things done in Kemer and Mike pretty well confirmed it. So great marina if you want to have a fun time, but not so good if you want anything fixed.

I had a couple of days on my own in the marina before my next crew, Ewa flew in from Poland, via Berlin. Allan and I had met Ewa in Spain last year and we put her up for a night on La Mischief so she knew the boat already.

One good thing about marinas is that you can leave the aircon on 24/7 and I think Ewa appreciated this as it was pretty hot out in the sun. But there wasn’t much time to enjoy the aircon as we went in search of the weekly markets, which are on the Monday in Kemmer and are pretty damn good.

Stocked up with fresh food, we headed back to the boat and on our way for our overnight stop at Phaselis as we backtracked first south…then west….then north.




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