Lets Disco to the Dawn in Bodrum

We anchored off the town amongst an assortment of large motor yachts, gulets and yachts. In retrospect, we were a bit close to shore as every night the discos started blasting their music across the water from about 11pm into the early hours of the morning. Note to self – bring earplugs to Bodrum.

Dee and I only had a day there as we were off for 4 days in Istanbul. We left La Mischief in the able hands of Michael and Elaine – something that we later found out was a bit of a no no and the Turks are obsessed about stopping illegal chartering. Oh well, no harm done in the end but won’t be doing that again.

So in the day we were there we charged around the town, visiting the impressive castle, the Roman Amphitheatre and the waterfront. We even squeezed in a Spanish restaurant and drank some decent Argentinian Malbec – not sure it’s was a good thing to reinforce how average Turkish wine is.

So then it was off to Istanbul, this time by plane. Bodrum Airport is 32km out of Bodrum, not bad by Turkish standards so a 100TL taxi ride.

Istanbul second and a half time round was still impressive. I missed Topaki Palace last time so made sure we spent a half day round there. We also did a 12TL Bosphorus cruise – one and a half hours up and back – great value considering there were a lot of touts trying to sell similar cruises for 50-60 Euros. We walked our feet off and had some good Turkish food at night.

Back on the boat, it was time to check out of Turkey and head to Kos in Greece. Checking out requires an agent but we minimized our cost by getting him to fill out the paper work for 50TL and then going to the harbour master, passport police and customs ourselves. We muddled our way through the process and evidently got everything stamped in the right spots.

And then we said goodbye to 2 great months in Turkey as we set off on our Grecian Adventure.

For pictures of Bodrum see https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10202085740497947.1073741930.1620379103&type=1&l=898c3db77a.

For pictures of Istanbul see https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10200617546114005.1073741911.1620379103&type=1&l=387dd3fa6e



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