Arki – Greek for Very Cute little Village.

After the cushion overboard episode and a quick swim, we decided we would live with turning on and off the water pump manually and headed north to our planned first stop in Arki. With the Northerly well and truly set in, we motored all the way, up the east side of Leros, past Lipsi and onto the wall at Arki. Garry and Marti had given us a hot tip for a restaurant at Arki, and we managed to tie up side on to the small wall.

What a cute little spot Arki turned up to be. You’d be lucky to find 30 people living permanently on the island, and rumour has it that they are all related. It was a great place for a swim straight off the back of the boat and by now Dee and I were back in the groove and swimming 30-40 mins a time.

After the swim we headed up to the Church of Metamorfosis, up on top of the hill outside of the small village. We took in the views and headed back to the boat for some more quite delicious French Red and Bubbles if I remember correctly.

Then it was off to our recommended restaurant (the one ending in 1956), for some very delicious Greek food. We were struggling with ordering the right amount of food and once again managed to over order – but not to worry, La Mischief was only a 50m crawl across the small square.

Weather Reporting for Dummies
Weather Reporting for Dummies



Cute Little Arki
Cute Little Arki

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