The day started well as we pushed off early from the dock at Iraklia en route to Naxos. With a day to spare before the Uncanin’s left for the airport, and the weather perfect with no sign of the meltemi anywhere, our plan was to hit one of Naxos legendary beaches for a day of relaxation. We pottered up the channel between Naxos and Paros in no wind at all – something of a rarity at this time of the year – checking out all the beaches as we went.

We got to Agios Prokopios, about 3nm south of Naxos Town and decided that this was it. We anchored just off the swim area opposite a beautiful beach in 5m of water. Perfect. The rest of the day was spent swimming and snorkeling, walking on the beach and checking out the beach bars.

We came back to La Mischief to shower and watch the sun go down before hopping in the dingy and heading to the beach at about 9.30pm for some dinner at one of the many restaurants that lined the beach.

Getting back to the boat at 11.30pm, Dee unlocked the door to discover the contents of the rubbish bin strewn across the floor. The boat had been trashed with all our drawers and belongings tipped out on the floor. What a mess.

We tried to tidy up a little and work out what was missing. Everyone had left their phones on charge (except me) so they were gone. All 3 Macbooks were gone – they had left Dee’s old heavy laptop. They had taken my spare watch and camera and worst of all they had taken Rachel’s handbag with all their passports and cash.

It appears they were a couple of swimmers who put all the electronics in a bin liner plus a bag of Dee’s they had pinched. They had broken some screens we had over the front hatches to gain entry and made off with a tidy stash. Bastards.

It put a real downer at the end of what was a great few days with Zeljko, Rachel and the kids.

Next morning, we made our way into Naxos, where Zeljko and Rachel had organized an early ferry to Athens to sort out their passports. We had to wait around to Monday to do a formal police report as the Greek Financial Crisis meant they done deal with crime on the weekends. The guys at Port Police were a bit taken aback as they had never had this happen at anchor before. They had had a few breakins at the marina in years gone by but none this year. Just our luck.

But life goes on. I’ve ordered a new laptop and camera from the States, which Toma brought out for me. My Travel Insurance knocked back my claim because the items stolen were left unattended in a car or a boat. Luckily I have Personal Effects insurance on my Boat Insurance.

As a result of this incident we now lock all the hatches whenever we leave the boat and will look into some motion sensing alarm/video system. Pain in the arse but never the less necessary I suppose.

But I can’t complain. Life is good and at the end of the day nobody got hurt and everything is replaceable.