Initial Shopping List For La Mischief in France

What Where Stored Cost to Buy Bring or Buy From Where
Food saver $80 bring bring later
Handheld waterproof VHF DSC Radio navigation table area $50 bring Bring later
Small Invertor nagigation table area $25 bring Bring Later
Stubby Holders $15 bring bring later
Voyagers Handbook (Beth Leonard) saloon $80 Bring Bring later
Fish rigging kit bring bring later
shark shield saloon $600 bring bring later
Book of knots saloon $30 Bring Bring Later
Dive Flag Back Lazerette $10 Bring Bring Later
Fishing lines Back Lazerette $100 Bring Bring Later
Fishing Rods Back Deck $500 Bring Bring Later
Hooka Front Lazerettes $1,200 Bring Bring Later
Business Cards for La Mischief $60 Buy (In Australia) Buy in Perth
Charts down to San Sebastian Navigation Table area $600 france chanderly
deck broom downstairs $40 france chanderly
Deck Hardware Box (for shackles etc.) $20 france chanderly
Dingy Anchor, chain and rope dingy $150 france chanderly
Dingy Freshwater ears back lazorettes $30 france chanderly
Emergency Knife plus sheath glued somewhere accessible $50 france chanderly
fire blanket $40 france chanderly
Flares – Red, Orange and Parachute $200 france chanderly
French Ensign $50 france chanderly
Hose and fitting for salt water deck wash back lazerettes $40 france chanderly
Key Floats x 2 $10 france chanderly
Normal glue tool area $30 france chanderly
Rags x 7 $5 france chanderly
Safety Grab Bag internal cupboards $20 france chanderly
Ships Log $60 france chanderly
Shore power cord back lazerettes $70 france chanderly
Silicon Spray france chanderly
Small fishing box for easy access to tweesers, panadol etc. $10 france chanderly
Additional Fender $50 spain chanderly
Charts down to Gibrultar Navigation Table area $600 spain chanderly
Dingy Freshwater Ears Back Deck $40 spain chanderly
Dive Weights x 2 $20 spain chanderly
dry bag for dingy back lazerette $40 spain chanderly
First Aid Kit internal cupboards $80 spain chanderly
Fish Table Back Deck $100 spain chanderly
Grappling Hook $30 spain chanderly
Sail Repair Kit internal cupboards $40 spain chanderly
Spare Anchor – Fortress Front Lockers $400 spain chanderly
Spare Chain – 25m and rope – 50m for spare anchor $300 spain chanderly
Life Jacket gas cylinders Port Front Cabin $300 france Chanderly
Main and Spare Boathooks Front Lazerettes $80 france Chanderly
Safety Throw Bag Back Deck $100 france chanderly
Silicone caulk $10 france chanderly
Bosuns Chair back lazerette $150 spain chanderly
Coil of long length 6mm polyester braid line back lazerette $50 spain chanderly
Spare Spectra Line Internal Cupboards $60 spain Chanderly
Bathroom Towels x 12 $250 france department store
BBQ Scraper $30 france department store
Broom $20 france department store
buckets (3) $15 france department store
Can Opener x 2 $30 france department store
Champagne Flutes (Plastic) x 6 $72 france department store
Chopping Board set + spares $40 france department store
Coat Hangers bedroom $20 france department store
Coffee Mugs x 8 (different)- copelle $80 france department store
Corkscrew x 1 $12 france department store
Correlle dinner plates, bread plates, cereal bowls x 8 -copelle $300 france department store
cutlery set (set of 8) $200 france department store
Dust Pan and Brush $20 france department store
Egg Slice – Metal (for BBQ) $12 france department store
Egg Tongs – Plastic $12 france department store
Egg Whisk (Microwave) $12 france department store
Electric Kettle $90 france department store
Expanding Files x2 Navigation table area $50 france department store
Fresh Water Hose and fittings $50 france department store
Hand towels $60 france department store
Hotspot device for Internet Data saloon $100 france department store
Ice Cube Trays x 2 galley $12 france department store
kitchen knife set $120 france department store
Kitchen Scissors galley $30 france department store
Microwave galley $300 france department store
Normal extension cord $30 france department store
Platter $20 france department store
SIM card for iPad $60 france department store
Wireless Printer/Scanner Navigation Table Area $150 france department store
BBQ Cleaner $30 spain department store
cushions x 6 $40 spain department store
cutter on pole $50 spain department store
Electric Toaster galley $60 spain department store
Fruit Bowl $20 spain department store
Colander $20 france Department Store
Doonas – 3 bedrooms $300 france Department Store
Frying Pan Galley $80 france Department Store
Grater Galley $10 france department Store
Mattress Protectors x 3 $180 france Department Store
MICROWAVE COVER $12 france Department Store
Mixing Bowls (Plastic) x 3 $24 france Department Store
Pegs Port Bathroom $12 france Department Store
Pillow protectors $150 france Department Store
Pillows x 8 $250 france Department Store
Plastic Containers (set of six) $40 france Department Store
Plastic Crates for fruit and veges. $22 france Department Store
Plastic Storage Containers (250ml) x 4 $25 france Department Store
Plastic Tongs x 1 $12 france Department Store
Printer Paper saloon $15 france Department Store
Pyrex 250ml measuring jug $15 france Department Store
Salad Bowls x 2 (1 large????) $44 france Department Store
Salad Servers – Spoon x 2 $22 france Department Store
Saucepans x 3 (1 large 10litres plus) galley $400 france Department Store
Serving Plates x 2 $44 france Department Store
Spatula $12 france Department Store
Stanley Knife $22 france Department Store
Steak Knifes x 8 $35 france Department Store
Tea towels x 12 $20 france Department Store
Toilet Brush x 3 $30 france Department Store
Toilet plunger x 3 $18 france Department Store
Tongs – Metal (for BBQ) $15 france Department Store
Tumblers x 8 (different) $40 france Department Store
Vegetable Peeler x 2 galley $12 france department Store
Wine Glasses (Plastic) x 8 galley $40 france Department Store
Wooden Spoon x 2 galley $10 france Department Store
Beach Towels x 8 $160 spain Department Store
Hand whisk galley $10 spain department Store
Measuring Jug $12 spain Department Store
Oven Tray $12 spain Department Store
Vacuum cleaner downstairs $100 spain Department Store
Whiteboard galley $12 spain Department Store
Window wiper blade tools $12 spain Department Store
Dive weights and weight belt front lazerette $80 france dive shop
Alcohol galley $500 France Grocery Store
Food galley $500 France Grocery Store
ACR Lifejacket Light $20 bring home
AquaFix 406 GPS I/O PLB (Interface + Onboard GPS) safety grab bag $400 bring home
Australian Ensign $45 bring home
BBQ $2,093 bring home
Business Card Holder $10 Bring home
Camera saloon $1,500 bring home
Camera Charger $0 bring home
Checkbook $0 Bring home
dive mask and snorkel $120 bring home
Double Adapter $10 Bring home
dry bag for dingy – large blue back lazerette $60 bring home
dry bag for dingy – small orange back lazerette $20 bring home
DVDs and CDs Saloon $1,000 Bring home
Fish Filleting Set $30 bring home
Fish hook remover $50 bring home
French for Cruisers $40 bring home
Freo Mug $20 bring home
GoPro saloon $600 bring home
Handheld GPS (USB/NMEA interface for Laptop) navigation table area $120 bring home
Hose Clamp kit tool area $30 bring home
iPad x2 saloon $1,000 bring home
iPhone Chargers x 5 $100 bring home
iPhone x2 saloon $1,400 bring home
iPod saloon $400 bring home
Laptop navigation table area $1,500 bring home
Laptop Charger navigation table area $0 bring home
mini blender $100 bring home
our mattress underlay bedroom $500 bring home
PFDs x 4 internal cupboards $600 bring home
PFDs x 8 (crew bring as they come) internal cupboards $1,200 bring home
Q Flag back lazerette $20 bring Home
Quick Reference Guide $10 Bring Home
RST Ticket and VHF Operators Ticket $0 bring home
Sail Repair Kit $40 bring home
Sailing Jackets x2 bedroom $1,600 bring home
Satellite Phone saloon $800 Bring Home
Seasickness Tablets saloon $10 Bring Home
Small Torch navigation area $50 bring home
spare sun glasses navigation table area $30 bring home
Travel Iron Bedroom $50 bring home
TravelSIM x2 $60 Bring home
USB Lead for Camera $12 bring home
Waterproof Trousers bedroom $80 Bring Home
Weight belt front lazerettes $40 Bring home
wetsuit – 3mm $230 bring home
Books Saloon $300 Bring home
Clothes Port Front Cabin $3,000 Bring home
EPIRB Port Front Cabin $350 Bring home
Fishing Knife $80 Bring home
Sailing gloves x 2 $80 bring home
Binoculars x 2 Port Front Cabin $2,700 Bring Home
Electric Toothbrush and Charger bathroom $120 Bring Home
First Aid Book saloon $70 Bring Home
Head torch Navigation Table Area $50 Bring Home
Leatherman Navigation Table Area $80 Bring Home
Toileteries Port Bathroom $100 Bring Home
Spares kit for outboard (spark plug, spanner, split pins) $150 spain mechanic
Yanmar Spares – see attachment below $200 spain mechanic
Queensize Bed Sheets and pillow cases (6 pairs) bedrooms $800 france online
10 litre fuel container for dingy $20 france tool shop
3M’s 5200 Bonding Agent $25 france tool shop
Cordless Drill $80 france tool shop
Crimping set $20 france tool shop
Duck Tape tool area $12 france tool shop
Hammer $20 france tool shop
Hose and fittings for deckwash front lazerettes $60 france tool shop
Hose and fittings for freshwater front lazerettes $60 france tool shop
jewellers screwdrivers tools $20 france tool shop
Lighter/striker for BBQ and Stove x 2 $20 france tool shop
Lock for Dingy Outboard dingy $40 france tool shop
Mirror – for tools $12 france tool shop
Multigrips $50 france tool shop
Multimeter tool area $30 france tool shop
Punch $12 france tool shop
Rescue Tape tool area $12 france tool shop
Rubber Mallet $15 france tool shop
small vice $40 france tool shop
Socket set and shifters $100 france tool shop
Tape Measure $25 france tool shop
Toolbox $50 france tool shop
Torch Navigation Table Area $60 france tool shop
Torch Dingy $60 france tool shop
WD40 tool area $40 france tool shop
Crow bar $20 spain tool shop
Heat Gun tool area $100 spain tool shop
Jiggler Syphon $25 spain tool shop
Large vise grips (cam action will cut through ¼” wire in 5 tries). $50 spain tool shop
General Toolkit Navigation Table Area $200 france Tool Shop
Screwdriver Set Internal Cupboards $40 france Tool Shop
Super Glue tool area $17 france tool Shop
SUM $37,766

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