Haulout Checklist

With summer officially over at the end of this month, its time to start thinking of putting La Mischief to bed over the Mediterranean winter. I will do this out of the EU in Turkey but haven’t decided exactly where as yet.

I’ve just come across a good checklist at http://www.nannycay.com/news/2013/6/28/nanny-cay-boatyard-a-checklist-for-boat-storage.html. I’ll use it for a basis for my own checklist. Here’s a cut and paste with some mods and additions to get me started….

• Prior to haul out, thoroughly flush all heads and ensure holdings tanks are empty and flushed through.

• Clean and dry bilges as much as possible.

• Fill water tanks, treat with chlorine and close off valves.

• Fill and treat diesel tanks.

• Check engine oil and water, top up if required.

• Wash and spray engine with CRC.

• Spray all hose clamps with CRC anti-corrosion wax.

• Check battery levels, clean terminals and grease with Vaseline.

• Spray behind the electrical panel with CRC.

• Remove bimini and frame if possible and stow.

• Remove all main sail battens and then remove all sails and stow. Take down Genoa in water as its far safer to do it there than up on the hard.

• Run mouse lines and remove all lines and stow

• Tie boom down to deck.

• Remove cockpit cushions and all other loose deck gear and stow.

• Check boat for oily rags, old paint and solvent tins, lighter fluid etc. and dispose of.

• Secure and lock all lockers.

• Remove batteries from hand held equipment.

• Remove all foodstuff including spices, packaged soups, cereals and tins etc.

• Treat interior cupboards and areas with Cockroach and pest deterrents. (Max Force or Combat Roach Control).

• Close curtains.

• Vacuum pack clothes and linen.

• Buy de-humidifier and turn on.

• Lift interior cushions to allow good air circulation.

• When in yard, remove and stow fenders and dock lines.

• Tidy and secure all loose lines and remove flags.

• Ensure solar panels are charging.

• Fit instrument covers.

• Close all seacocks????.

• Ensure cockpit drains a are clear.

• Turn off all battery switches.

• Turn off propane bottles and disconnect.

• Ensure all hatches and ports are securely locked.

• Spray door lock and padlocks with CRC.

• Ensure lifeline gate is closed and secured.

Another useful website is http://www.livingaboard.net/tag/haul-out.