After escaping the clutches of the Croatian law enforcement machine, it was off to celebrate our new found freedom. We managed to taste test the local wine, beer, cocktails and grappa at several outdoor restaurants and bars along the beachfront.

We stayed another night on our 200 kuna a day mooring and then left for Komiza the next afternoon.It took us a couple of hours to tack our way around there and managed to find another 200 kuna a day mooring right next to the beach amongst all the charter boats. 

Komiza turned out to be a much better place than Vis town. And I found out we could have checked in there – you just need to ring ahead and the police drive out from vis town, 30 minutes away.

Komiza is very picturesque, with a pretty 17th century Benedictine monastery on the hill overlooking a neat little fishing village with a renaissance citadel dating from 1585 known as the Kastel.

Next morning, we hopped on a power boat (with a nice looking driver according to the girls) and zoomed over to Bisevo to have a look at the Blue Cave. This cave is 35m long, 17m wide, 6m high and 60m deep. You pass through a small entrance, 1.5m high and then once inside, there’s a fantastic colour show, with fantastic shades of blue from the sun shining through a gap overhead. It was quite amazing. 

After being suitably awe inspired, and a beer, we hopped back in our power boat, where the girls continued to be awe inspired by the driver, and headed off to Bisevska Luka, a small cove with a beautiful sandy beach. We decided we needed to come back here. 

And next day we did. We picked up one of the 3 moorings (although anchoring would be fine) over a clear sandy bottom and swam into the beach to one of the three restaurants, where we had chips and beer before swimming back to the boat. What a lovely little cove. 

We were originally  planning to stay the night but Ooroo were leaving Croatia and they sailed all the way out to Vis to say goodbye, which was very nice of them. It was great to see them again – the last time was in Cascais a million years ago. Mike told us about a cool restuarant where you take your dingy inside and step out into the restuarant so this was a no brainer for dinner. It was like going into the blue cave again, through a narrow entrance where we all had to duck our heads. 

Mike and Leanne also invited Vlad and Nynke. Vlad’s from Montenegro and Nynke is from Holland and they were also great company. It was a great night and a great way to say Ooroo to Ooroo.

For photos of Vis see https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10200268972839891.1073741868.1620379103&type=1&l=e930ae623d

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