Austrian Mayhem

Ooroo left Komiza early for Corfu whilst we hung around to listen to the mighty dockers knock off Geelong, on their way to the big GF.

Then it off to explore the rest of Vis. We headed along the south coast, our first stop being the famous beach at Stiniva. Whilst it did look quite interesting, the cove was narrow and deep and not really good for anchoring. We continued east and stopped off at another inviting cove. We dropped anchor and had a pleasant swim and paddle board. We swam into the shore and walked along the rocks to the beach where we ran into Marco and Ana, a couple of honeymooners who we had a drink or three with in Vis town. We said a quick hello and left them alone and headed off to Budikovac Island, our stop for the night. We picked up a mooring in shallow water and had a great afternoon swimming in what was our hottest day in Croatia.

We wandered up to the house on shore, which is periodically used as a restaurant. The owner was a real character; we thought he was chasing us away at first, but in the end he turned out to be quite harmless, drinking on the verandah with his two mates, whilst baiting some passing yachties. We ate local olives and drank their wine. We were running short of wine on the boat so we also bought a couple of litres to take back – packaged in high class plastic water bottles!!!

Back on board La Mischief, we spent the afternoon paddle boarding and swimming. a charter boat of Austrians moored up next to us and a Lagoon 440 called Spongebob took up another mooring. Spongebob had an Australian couple on board – chartering they explained – who would call their boat Spongebob they replied when we asked them if it was theirs.

So invites went out and all was set for a few late afternoon drinks on La Mischief. The Austrians brought over some wonderful Austrian wine and Geringer, their nominated skipper turned out to be a real character – slightly mad with a laugh that his whole body engaged in. Late afternoon turned into early evening, with a small break where everyone when off to do some cooking and bring it back to La Mischief. Then early evening turned into late evening with Geringer’s lederhosen, which was made of deer leather, moving from his person to Brad first then Bec.

About 11pm, we spotted a visitor in the water, completely nude, except for his cap, yelling party. It was a pretty dark night with no moon so we hadn’t seen him until he appeared at the back of the boat. “Party boy” clambered on board and pulled out a t shirt from under his cap. He was from Slovenia and completely off his tree and we gave him a towel to wrap around himself. It took us a while to impress upon him that the party was pretty well over and perhaps he needed to go back to his boat. In the end we managed to bundle him into Spongebob’s dingy and take him home to his boat.

But our party wasn’t quite finished as around midnight, we all decided it would be a good idea to swim from La Mischief to the Austrian boat for some late night snaps, followed by a swim back again.

Next morning …. never mind.

For photos of Vis see

2 thoughts on “Austrian Mayhem

  1. Pretty sure I saw the leather pants a week before Freo won a berth in the GF, are you in a time warp there? You could have made some money on the TAB!!

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