A Bit of Royal Mischief

Kalekoi was just as good the 2nd time.

After our first full sail after the mainsail had been fixed, we arrived about 6pm, just in time for a delightful dinner on shore on a picturesque spot over the water.

Next day, it was time to check out the castle and the village.  it turned out to be another epic photo session with Ewa, who seems to take better photos than me just with her iPhone. We managed to get to the field of sarcophagi  this time and it was interesting wandering through an ancient graveyard. The sarcophagus’ lids are shaped like an upside down boat as most of these people were fishermen and this signified the end of their fishing days.

Then it was off to check out the sunken city and find another bay. We headed west towards Poleos Buku and passed a beautifully restored luxury yacht called Nahlin. Worth googling, we quickly found out it was owned by Mr Vacuum Cleaner, aka James Dyson, and is one of the last of three large steam yachts constructed in the UK. It’s also the largest British-owned super yacht at 91 metres, and was ranked 36th in a 2013 survey of the world’s 100 biggest yachts. There you go.

Much, much more interestingly though was the fact that it was chartered by King Edward VIII and used by him and Mrs. Wallis Simpson to get up to some rather serious Mischief (oops, did I start that with a capital letter). First thing he did was rip out the library so he could fit more grog on board. This was evidently the trip (to the Adriatic) where the press got wind of this royal mischief and soon after he abdicated.

After our dalliance with history, we decided the bay wasn’t much chop and it was time for some downwind sailing to the other end of Kekova Roads and Gokkaya Limani. Sailing on the inside passage was delightful and in no time at all we were at our destination for the night.

Safely anchored, we hopped in the dingy for a bit of a sightsee up the creek and into the pirate cave. This time there was a gullet there so we let him go first and he popped his whole nose inside. We dingied in around his so we were both inside. Wow.

Next day after a morning paddle board, it was up anchor and off to Kas.

For photos of Kekova see https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10201870796604484.1073741921.1620379103&type=1&l=796b84f928

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