Al’s Spanish Hideout

There are two problems with wind – “no wind or too much wind”, well actually four problems if you then add “wind on your nose or wind directly up your bum”. Today we had little or no wind right up our bum.

So with the motors on we kept overrunning the little wind there was. Despite that it was a nice easy 30nm run to Luarca, our stay for the night. As usual Ooroo charged off in front, Mike had paid for both engines and was prepared to use 100% of them. Us, we like to potter along at 6-7 knots on just the one.

We made our way into the outer harbour at about 4pm and found Ooroo attached to one of the visitors buoys. There was talk of going into the inner harbor but at the end of the day, the locals didn’t want us in there (there really wasn’t any room for two big cats) and they had the hindsight and generosity to provide us with the choice of three visitors moorings.

The local marine rescue guys came out in there boat and helped tie our stern up to the seawall, with our bows secured to the mooring buoy. Our first Mediterranean Mooring type experience.

Then it was into the dingy and into town. Rounding the corner into the inner town was an OH WOW moment.

It was the prettiest little harbour you ever did see, filled with colourful painted wooden boats of all shapes and colours, casting brilliant reflections into the water. Surrounding the harbour was a quiet street full of cafes and shops, with the village running up the surrounding hillsides.

First stop was one of the little bars out the front, and then we left the girls shopping whilst we headed up the hill to get some great photos. Allan declared (several times) that if he ever went missing then this was the place to look for him. He even found an old very rundown house on the side of a hill that only Al would think he could do something with.

Dinner with the Ooroo crew capped off a perfect day.
















One thought on “Al’s Spanish Hideout

  1. Hi Steve
    Just logged onto your website and caught up with all your adventures, looks like you are having a lot of fun, hope boat has worked out to your expectaions.
    You got to love technology I am sitting on the front veranda of The Tipaboroo hotel NSW glass of XXXX in hand heading home after the Canning Stock Route reading about some one elses sailing adventures.
    Good winds and cold drinks whatelse could I
    I wish for you.
    Paul R&R

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